Just Assemble Apps

Appemble provides software to assemble Cross Platform, Native mobile apps using XML


Write in XML

Use declarative language to create beautiful apps in few lines of code


Rich User Experience

Rich UI Elements, Plugins


Component based architecture

Inviting developers to Write Plugins - Marketplace (coming soon)


Over a 100 developers

Novice and Experienced


Create Cross Platform Apps easily in XML based language

Simple to code Cross Platform Apps

Use XML based app definition language to code Cross Platform, Native Android and iOS apps. Focus on "WHAT" features you want in your app, Appemble AVM software takes care of "HOW". AVM encapsulates the complexities of native SDKs. You just need to use simple powerful xml tags.

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Rich User Experience with Minimal Coding

Create beautiful and feature rich apps. Growing family of Plugins, User Interface controls, Actions and Events lead to rich user experience.


Apps are Native - Apps are faster, richer in User Interface and more secure.

Native Debugging - Programmers spend majority of time debugging. Native SDK tools give powerful debugging capabilities.

Cross Platform - Single Code base

Common XML files for defining apps on Android and iOS. Less code, less debugging, shorter time to market. Common Code allows faster and frequent release cycles which is a necessity in Enterprise Apps.

Easy Integration

Integrate popular APIs like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more using Plugins. Integrate SalesForce, SAP and Oracle Applications and many more....

Component based Architecture

Build Complex Enterprise Apps - Component based architecture gives you the flexibility to build complex Apps.

Write Plugins Re-use code in multiple apps. Put them on Appemble's market place (coming soon) for others to use.

Mash with Native

Write part of your app using Native SDK and integrate with screens written in XML.